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One Word: Courage

  My word last year was believe. I needed this word as a talisman as I experienced a layoff for the first time in my professional career. As I reflected on my next steps, I realized that I had not … Continue reading

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Career change

I stink at transitions. As a young child I loved to plan and schedule things. When a transition is not planned, it makes it even tougher for me. I rage and pout. I dig my heels in and protest this … Continue reading

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Warrior Mom in Action

I had an idea that began nearly two years at BlogHer.  I wrote this proposal, and a small change was made. I was not content with the small change, and I felt like more could be done. Katherine reminded me … Continue reading

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Just Write: Asking Permission

Sometimes all I need is a shift in perspective from a dear friend to see things more clearly. I had dinner with an amazing woman who is also a former colleague. I adore this friend because she saw me at the … Continue reading

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My Writing Process

My sweet warrior mama friend Kristin of Little Mama Jama asked me to share about my writing process. 1. What am I working on?  I am working on two pieces to submit to two other blogs Stigmama and a series … Continue reading

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Magic in Small Moments

I heard an amazing leader speak about the choices we make each day.  We have a choice on how we respond to what happens to us.  That message really spoke to me, and it has settled into my soul.  The … Continue reading

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Fitness Fridays: Back in the Saddle

Now that we are in the post production phase of Listen To Your Mother Milwaukee, the pace is much slower now.  I am not trying to remember all the last-minute details that go into putting together a production.  As a … Continue reading

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