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Running and yoga: my new self-care routine

Every Monday and Friday, I grab my gym bag and head out of the office.  I walk across the parking lot to our on site fitness center.  The smell of feet and sweat assaults my nostrils as I enter the … Continue reading

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The “perfect” exchange student

I am dedicating my Fridays to talking about another life changing event in my life – the six months I spent in Spain as a junior in college.  It was a lot like motherhood has been for me, rewarding and … Continue reading

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Be Enough Me: My Theatre Mentor

My mentor is known affectionately by all of her former students as Mrs. K.  I still cannot bring myself to call her by her given name.  She taught algebra and pre-algebra at my high school, and she directed our high school … Continue reading

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Message behind Tomorrow – there is always hope

A mere twenty years ago, I was plucked from obscurity in my tiny Catholic high school to be the lead in our musical production of Annie. I was so excited and so overwhelmed by this opportunity. Mrs. K. saw that … Continue reading

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Things I Am Afraid To Tell You

Jess from Makeunder My Life wrote a post called Things I’m Afraid to Tell You.  EZ of Creature Comforts took the idea and ran with it (including designing the image you see above).  The Huffington Post thought it was such a good … Continue reading

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Just Be Enough: My Top 10

I spent a lot of time reflecting on this week’s Just Be Enough prompt – what 10 things do you need for your Just Be Enough Journey? My top 10 list is my set of guiding values on what I … Continue reading

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Who inspires you?

In honor of Mother’s Day and inspired by the #doveinspire campaign that I saw on Twitter last Friday night, I am spending part of my Mother’s Day weekend writing to some of the wonderful women in my life who have inspired … Continue reading

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