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What My 2019 Word of the Year Taught Me

The most inspirational piece of art that I saw this year was Hamilton the Musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda. I took my two daughters to see this show. It was my youngest’s first Broadway touring show. I have been a huge … Continue reading

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10 signs of a musical nerd family

1. You and your husband sing together and pick out songs that have harmonies. 2. You have several copies of the same song in different keys. 3. Your children watch YouTube videos of their parents’ favorite musicians. 4. You have … Continue reading

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Mama’s Night Out

A Phish concert as self-care?  I can hear you all snickering.  Unless you know what fuels me, then you cannot begin to understand how amazing that concert was to my soul.  Music is a part of my life.  Certain bands help … Continue reading

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To my fellow mamas

I have spent the past two weeks reading and sharing posts about the verdict of the Michael Brown case. My heart breaks for his parents who will celebrate their first holiday season without him and with this case and their … Continue reading

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Magic in Small Moments

I heard an amazing leader speak about the choices we make each day.  We have a choice on how we respond to what happens to us.  That message really spoke to me, and it has settled into my soul.  The … Continue reading

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Singing as self-care

Yes, you read that title correctly.  I would love for you to come over to my sweet friend Yael’s blog today to hear about how I view singing as self-care.  http://www.mamascomfortcamp.com/singing-jenny/ Yael Saar is a mama on a mission to … Continue reading

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Just Be Enough: Self-Portrait

I am linking up with Just Be Enough today for a self-portrait.  I took this photo at work a few months ago.  I sent this picture to a dear friend to help brighten her day.  I enlisted her help to … Continue reading

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Be Enough Me: My Theatre Mentor

My mentor is known affectionately by all of her former students as Mrs. K.  I still cannot bring myself to call her by her given name.  She taught algebra and pre-algebra at my high school, and she directed our high school … Continue reading

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Message behind Tomorrow – there is always hope

A mere twenty years ago, I was plucked from obscurity in my tiny Catholic high school to be the lead in our musical production of Annie. I was so excited and so overwhelmed by this opportunity. Mrs. K. saw that … Continue reading

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No vacation from anxiety

I am currently on vacation, and unfortunately my anxiety hasn’t taken a break.  My husband and I attended an outdoor concert for the jam band Phish on both Saturday and Sunday nights at an outdoor venue.  We had awesome seats … Continue reading

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