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My Writing Process

My sweet warrior mama friend Kristin of Little Mama Jama asked me to share about my writing process. 1. What am I working on?  I am working on two pieces to submit to two other blogs Stigmama and a series … Continue reading

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Welcome to the frozen tundra: my love letter to wind chills

Baby it’s been cold outside. We spent the day in footy pajamas and lots of layers.  It was so cold that school had been cancelled, yet my husband had to go into work.  He had the ability to work from … Continue reading

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The Unlikely Roommate

My favorite memory of my final summer of college is the introduction to a friend’s mom.  She had no idea that I was living with eight boys that summer.  When one of our other friends (roommates) cheerfully explained that I was … Continue reading

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How Not to Endear Yourself to Fellow Yoga Class Attendees

So you have decided to take yoga.  I’ve been practicing on and off for over ten years.  Here is my non-exhaustive list of habits and things not to say.  1.  Do not leave your heart rate monitor on.  I cannot … Continue reading

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Quest for the holy grail – bra shopping

After nursing for a combined total of thirty-three months, my old (non-nursing bras) just did not fit.  They were all stretched out.  I knew that I could not go up on stage without adequate foundation garments, so I planned a … Continue reading

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Tapping the Mic: Is This Thing On?

Is this thing on?  Taps the mic a few times.  Oh no, I have just gotten the evil eye from my technical director.  Tapping the mic is a no-no.  In all seriousness, I have the utmost respect for the technical … Continue reading

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Why Girls, Why?

So there’s a funny meme going around the Internet now that was started by Kristin.  When you’re commanded by the Empress in a tweet no less, you cannot refuse.  She’s like the Godmother of the Internet except she is just as sweet … Continue reading

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How (Not) To Celebrate A 21st Birthday

I had just returned from a semester abroad in Spain. I was finally getting acclimated again to college life in the States. I threw myself back into campus life and became involved in several extracurricular activities. As my mom will … Continue reading

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My secret life

I made a joke with my coworkers the other day about the number of e-mail accounts that I have. They were horrified when I nonchalantly mentioned that I had four e-mail accounts. One of these accounts is my work account. … Continue reading

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My 2 year old Id

I have decided that my two-year old Skeeter functions as my id. She approaches life like it is a buffet for her to enjoy. Skeeter demands attention, food and affection, not necessarily in that order. She whirls around the house, … Continue reading

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