PPD Resources

Here is a listing of the PPD blogs and websites that I frequent that are dedicated specifically to PPD.

http://postpartumprogress.com/ – This is one of the most widely read blogs about postpartum mood disorders.

http://mypostpartumvoice.com/ – Lauren Hale is a two-time survivor of PPOCD and a PPD advocate. She is the founder of #PPDChat, an awesome resource on Twitter.

http://www.postpartum.net/ – This is the website of Postpartum Support International.

http://ivysppdblog.wordpress.com/ – Ivy Shih Leung is a PPD survivor and a PPD advocate. She has also written a book about her experiences with PPD.



2 Responses to PPD Resources

  1. Thanks for posting these! I am in a foreign country and feel completely lost. I’m not naturally an “on-line” person, so I need help finding support, so thank you!

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