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To all the struggling mamas

  Hi mama, How are you? I want to know how you’re really doing. What can I do to help you? Bring you coffee or tea so you can just talk to someone who gets it? I see how hard … Continue reading

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#1000speaks – Storytelling and Compassion

When I began my foray into Listen To Your Mother, I had no idea the stories that I would be privy to at auditions.  Storytelling is a tradition as old as the human race.  In our connected world, we lose … Continue reading

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Fall purge

Winter is coming to Wisconsin; we woke up to snow on Halloween morning! We spent our weekend preparing for winter.  We raked the lawn, and we started cleaning out our closets.  My girls both had their birthdays, and we knew … Continue reading

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Dare: June Update

I realized that my last update for my word has been several months ago.  Listen To Your Mother Milwaukee was a great success.  I hope to use that experience and take the opportunity to share my story with others. I … Continue reading

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My secret life

I made a joke with my coworkers the other day about the number of e-mail accounts that I have. They were horrified when I nonchalantly mentioned that I had four e-mail accounts. One of these accounts is my work account. … Continue reading

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My Rant about Natural Remedies for PPD

My husband e-mailed me this link on Valentine’s Day asking me if I had seen this article.  I clicked and read the entire article.  I became more and more irritated. I breastfed my little Skeeter, so we did do … Continue reading

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Tips for Calming Your Nerves for Auditions

Come hear all about my performing days over at Listen to Your Mother Show.  I am offering some tips that helped me through some stressful auditions.  I use these same skills in job interviews as well.  

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