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A Tale Of Two Moms: Postpartum Rage

I hid this side of my struggle with postpartum depression from everyone but my immediate family.  My postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety manifested itself in rage.  Postpartum rage made feel like I suffered from a split personality disorder. On the … Continue reading

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Five Years of Stories 

A week from today Milwaukee will have its finale Listen To Your Mother show at 3 p.m. in the same venue that housed both our inaugural and second shows. It is a bittersweet feeling like watching my youngest skip off … Continue reading

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This is Nine

My sweet Munch, This has to be in my top five favorite pictures of you and I. We are laughing and enjoying each other.  I know that soon you won’t hold my hand in the parking lot or seek me … Continue reading

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Six Years

My sweet Skeeter, When I whispered to you last night that it was your last night as a five year old, your eyes sparkled with delight. You told me that you’re not too old and you’re not too little. You’re … Continue reading

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To all the struggling mamas

  Hi mama, How are you? I want to know how you’re really doing. What can I do to help you? Bring you coffee or tea so you can just talk to someone who gets it? I see how hard … Continue reading

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#1000speaks – Storytelling and Compassion

When I began my foray into Listen To Your Mother, I had no idea the stories that I would be privy to at auditions.  Storytelling is a tradition as old as the human race.  In our connected world, we lose … Continue reading

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Fall purge

Winter is coming to Wisconsin; we woke up to snow on Halloween morning! We spent our weekend preparing for winter.  We raked the lawn, and we started cleaning out our closets.  My girls both had their birthdays, and we knew … Continue reading

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