Hi friends and loyal readers, how are you?  I am reflecting on a tumultuous weekend.  The current climate we are in is filled with anti-Semitism, racism, xenophobia, and transphobia.  White supremacy has reared its ugly head.  Whenever I start to feel discouraged, I remind myself to look for the helpers. I know these amazing women who had to leave a cause that they believed in to save themselves and their own mental health due to micro aggressions.  I want today to be a day filled with a #lovebomb for each of these women.

Alexandra Rosas, also known as the Empress, was my first Warrior Mom that I met in real life. We discovered that we lived close to each other.  She inspired me to keep writing and to share my story.  She helped me understand how stories connect us to each other and how someone’s story can save a life.

A’Driane Nieves first caught my eye with her beautiful spirit, her fierce writing, and her Dance Party Fridays.  Her creativity is out of this world.  She has moved from writing to visual arts.  Her talent inspires me to look inside myself and keep learning.

Jenni Chiu was on the editorial team of Postpartum Progress with me.  I didn’t know Jenni that well initially.  Then I started following her blog, and her sense of humor and her vlogs are like sunshine. She uses humor as satire to get you to think about why things might be problematic.

Divya Kumar and I met sitting in the back row seats of the first Warrior Mom Conference.  She was so kind, and her presentation on expanding our outreach into underserved communities touched me.  I saw so many opportunities that I had to do more outreach in my community.  When I was feeling really emotional at one point during that weekend, Divya was there to hold my hand and hold space for me.

Jenna Hatfield came into my life after several transitions of blog editors.  She is an SEO queen.  I watched the Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram come to life and thrive under her influence.  She did a bulk of the writing during her tenure due to burnout among the editorial staff and the loss of writers like Jenni and Alexandra. Jenna navigated an editorial staff of really hurt women with kindness, empathy and respect.

I met Jasmine Banks at BlogHer 2013.  I remember a sweet soul who was struggling with the loss of a dear friend. Later Jasmine became the program manager for Postpartum Progress’s Climb Out of the Darkness fundraiser.  In that position, she continued to challenge our group and help us remain focused on our mission of continued outreach into our communities, particularly marginalized communities.  Jasmine brought cultural competency and her counseling background to the climb which helped the climb leaders take care of their own mental health while being able to hold space for others. Jasmine taught me so much and gave me so many ideas and immediate actions that I could take to help moms in my local community.

Graeme Seabrook and I met for the first time in person at the Warrior Mom Conference. I didn’t connect her twitter handle with her until nearly the last day of the conference.  She looked shocked when I said.  “Graeme, you’re honestly Mama G?” I love your blog and your tweets.  Graeme was working on the education piece for mental health first aid training.  She also runs this amazing group called the Self Care Squad, and she’s a life coach.

I invite you to join me today to give each of these women a #lovebomb in recognition for all the work and support that they have given to help mamas struggling from mental illness.  They deserve love and recognition for all their work. As Alexandra reminded me, hope is what we need to hang on to. Never give up hope. Our sisters need our love and support. We don’t leave a mama behind.

About tranquilamama

Juggling parenthood, housework and working outside the home in the corporate world with my wonderful husband. Mom to 2 beautiful girls. PPD and PPA survivor. The title of my blog is after a phrase that was repeated to me in Spain during my semester abroad in college. It roughly translates to relax and calm down. Trying to tame my inner perfectionist and just be a good enough mom.
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14 Responses to #LoveBomb

  1. Andrea Bates says:

    Love this. Love you. ❤

  2. Laurie says:

    Hi! I saw some of the discord over the weekend on fb and have been deeply saddened by it. I don’t even know what really happened as I am just a warrior mom connected to PP and K. Stone on FB. I have always held both with such high regard and could never dream in a million years that these amazing women would leave the cause due to hurt caused by its founder due to race. It has shaken me to my core actually. I am a liberal who is already feeling vulnerable over the political climate and presidency, and I also just had a second baby. A baby I wasn’t sure I could have after experiencing severe PPOCD after my first.

    I would love to show these courageous and important women my support. Could you please tell me how to #lovebomb them if I don’t have a twitter account? I belong in the self care squad but otherwise am not connected to these other women individually.

    Also, what is to become of postpartum progress now that this has gone public and I’m sure there were several other viewers who saw the negative light shed over the weekend. How to I de-halo its founder inside my heart. Someone I looked up to as my hero?

    Thanks 💜
    Laurie H. (Laurie DeWoody on fb)

    • Laurie, I am sending you so much love. I can send you email addresses to those women. The women who left didn’t leave the cause. They left the organization.

      It is so hard when we realize that someone we had looked up to and respected is flawed. Hold space in your heart for that heartbreak and that love. It doesn’t have to be either or.

  3. Natasha Williams says:

    Laurie H. sending you love and hugs. Your sentiments marry my own. Natasha Williams

    • Natasha sending you so much love. I think it’s okay for us to just sit with these feelings and realize that it doesn’t have to be either or. It can be both and. I can feel heartbreak and I can simultaneously feel anger.

  4. Jenna says:

    Thank you so much.

  5. Charity says:

    I have no words but I wanted you to know I am here.

  6. Thank you for holding onto hope and spreading love. This community needs it so much.

  7. Mariah Warren says:

    Beautiful affirmation of these mama’s, Jennifer. Glad Anne-Marie Lindsay referred to this post, amidst all the conflict. 💜

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