Just Write: Buns and Braids

My two ballerinas had their dance recital this past weekend, so I spent the weekend honing my skills at creating buns.  I used to struggle with my daughters’ curly hair.  Their curls are stunning, but they tangle so easily.  I have fine, stick straight hair.  I have my hair cut short in a bob since college because I do not like to spend much time on my hair.  My beauty routine consists of blow drying my hair for five minutes with a round brush and slapping some wax on it to control any fly-aways.

When I gave birth to my beautiful girls, I had no idea they would be blessed with their dad and uncle’s curly locks.  They have blondish brown ringlets.  I tried in vain to get their hair to submit to my will.  I know that I have control issues.  This is clear, yes?

In a moment of inspiration a few weeks ago, I signed up for a class on learning how to braid hair.  I never learned to braid my hair.  I had friends or babysitters who would braid my hair.  My girls are Frozen obsessed like most little girls of their age.

Last night, I spent an amazing hour learning not only how to braid but how to French braid my daughters’ hair.  The girls sat still, and they let me learn and practice. It’s not the perfect French braid, but that is not my aim.  My goal is to learn how to work with them and their unique personalities and not try to force everything to submit to me.  The more I force things, the worse it becomes.  When I am present, everything just flows.



About tranquilamama

Juggling parenthood, housework and working outside the home in the corporate world with my wonderful husband. Mom to 2 beautiful girls. PPD and PPA survivor. The title of my blog is after a phrase that was repeated to me in Spain during my semester abroad in college. It roughly translates to relax and calm down. Trying to tame my inner perfectionist and just be a good enough mom.
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4 Responses to Just Write: Buns and Braids

  1. I’ve had long hair most of my life. I enjoy putting it up. I look better in a bob, but screw it, I like hair pretties. I can braid mine in a million ways. Translating that to my girls is trying to make me lose it. I get so confused. And they are Frozen obsessed too…

    I had board straight hair all my life–I had kids–it changed and is now quite curly. Weird.

    • I had long hair most of my life, and I always put it up in a ponytail. I didn’t realize how time consuming braiding is.

      That’s amazing. I’ve always had stick straight hair, so learning to manage the curls has been one big learning experience for me.

  2. Beautiful. My kiddo just recently got a big ole haircut and so fewer braids are happening now, but before that at a baseball game she totally let me do a French braid and I wanted to cry with all the joy. 🙂

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