Refilling My Cup

As we get closer to Milwaukee’s second annual Listen To Your Mother Show, I am being deliberate about filling my cup. As a co-director and co-producer, my job is to ensure that the show goes smoothly.  Our fearless national director, the wise Ann Imig, sends out weekly updates to the teams all around the country.  Those missives are balm to my type A personality.

I have made sure to get enough rest, read for fifteen minutes or more each night, talk to friends, talk to family, play with my girls, exercise four to five times a week, sing, and listen to podcasts.  I am not superwoman.  I am deliberate with my time to ensure that I enter these final days relaxed and ready to support our cast in any way possible.  I am so honored and humbled to take the stage again as a new cast of ten amazing women tell their stories.  If you have never seen a Listen To Your Mother show live, you must go.  We have shows happening in thirty-two cities across the United States from this Saturday, April 26th through Mother’s Day, Sunday May 11th.  This movement has helped change my life in so many ways.  I dare greatly, and I am not afraid to step into the arena.  Telling my story in front of an audience liberated me.  LTYM builds community.  I find that “me too” moment in every story that I hear from the LTYM YouTube channel.


About tranquilamama

Juggling parenthood, housework and working outside the home in the corporate world with my wonderful husband. Mom to 2 beautiful girls. PPD and PPA survivor. The title of my blog is after a phrase that was repeated to me in Spain during my semester abroad in college. It roughly translates to relax and calm down. Trying to tame my inner perfectionist and just be a good enough mom.
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4 Responses to Refilling My Cup

  1. moirasennett says:

    I’m glad to hear that you are taking time to take care of yourself as you get ready for the show. I can’t wait to see it! ( I also love that you worked a Brene Brown reference in here.)

  2. jamesandjax says:

    I wish there was a LTYM show in Philly! I’m dying to check one out.

    Being deliberate is not an easy thing to do. I appreciate the reminder! Your words are my balm! Thanks again for talking about the logistics of doing what fills your soul, because as you know, I’m struggling with finding the time for myself. xo.

    • There is a show in North New Jersey, not sure how far that is from you.

      Being deliberate takes work. Thank you so much. I have been there, and I know how that feels. Sending you my love.

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