Love of reading

My sweet Munch proclaimed to me last night that “kindergarten rocks!” She has acclimated to her new school, and she wakes up every morning ready to learn.  On the other hand, my husband and I are still adjusting to all the new routines of elementary school: fundraisers, permission slips, homework and parent-teacher conferences.  I could barely contain my nervousness at our first conference.  Munch’s amazing teacher put both of us at ease, and she advised us that Munch was ready to start reading. 

Her eagerness to read is astounding.  She spells out everything that she can now.  Her enthusiasm for reading is contagious, and she reminds me of both myself and my husband.  We are a household of bookworms.  I had to turn off her lights the other night to stop her from reading just one more book.  Munch’s nights have become more structured as well.  She prefers to read, work on her writing and draw even if she does not have homework.  We are working with her to find that balance of play and learning so she does not become upset at the end of the night.  She has finally realized how many choices she has, and she gets overwhelmed that she cannot do it all.  Then it hits me like a ton of bricks.  Her academic mindset is a lot like mine was at her age. 

It is our job as her parents to navigate how much is too much.  Munch is currently only taking dance one night a week even though she wanted to do another one.  I would rather her try out a new class during the summer session instead.     Munch also begged me to let her join daisy scouts.  My husband and I agreed that dance is enough for now.  We want her to enjoy her unstructured free time as much as possible.  Now that she is reading, those interests will continue to expand.  I cannot wait to see what she wants to try and experience next.


About tranquilamama

Juggling parenthood, housework and working outside the home in the corporate world with my wonderful husband. Mom to 2 beautiful girls. PPD and PPA survivor. The title of my blog is after a phrase that was repeated to me in Spain during my semester abroad in college. It roughly translates to relax and calm down. Trying to tame my inner perfectionist and just be a good enough mom.
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4 Responses to Love of reading

  1. cherished79 says:

    Thanks for following my blog. Deb

  2. rebekah says:

    My J wants to try lots of new things, too!

  3. Jessica says:

    That’s so awesome. I can’t wait to see what the monkeyness will be like as I am a bookworm but my husband isn’t

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