Just Write: A Proposal

I’m linking up with Heather today for my first ever Just Write.

All I hear are the soft clicks of a colleague typing on her laptop and a muffled conversation to my left. I am sitting in my brown cubicle in silence. No urgent tasks remain for me to complete.

I pull out my notebook from BlogHer. I examine my proposal. I begin my research. Once I am satisfied I have verified that my proposal will fill a need, I open up PowerPoint. If you are going to pitch a proposal in my company, it has to be PowerPoint. I pull up a blank template and watch the blinking cursor.

Suddenly I remember my index cards that have information I need. I reach into my purse and peer at my tight cursive. I take a deep breath, and I began typing up my proposal. Some days I want to save the world, and I become despondent that a goal like that is too lofty. Today I want to change my corner of the world. I took the first steps to do just that.


About tranquilamama

Juggling parenthood, housework and working outside the home in the corporate world with my wonderful husband. Mom to 2 beautiful girls. PPD and PPA survivor. The title of my blog is after a phrase that was repeated to me in Spain during my semester abroad in college. It roughly translates to relax and calm down. Trying to tame my inner perfectionist and just be a good enough mom.
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