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Fitness Fridays: Week 2 of PiYo

I am sitting with my planner, a copy of my 10k training program, and the PiYo program. I am loving PiYo for the strength and flexibility. I am running four times a week as part of my 10k program. Traditional … Continue reading

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Fitness Fridays: Hitting the Reset Button

I have a confession to make. I have fallen off of the fitness wagon again. I have been choosing unhealthy snacks again. Life got stressful, and I turned to my comfort food. I stopped exercising as much. I did not … Continue reading

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Fitness Fridays: Why I Exercise

I made the commitment last year to focus on my physical health.  A lot of my self-care is exercise.  I have two young daughters who look up to me.  With a family history of high cholesterol, heart disease, and type … Continue reading

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Fitness Fridays: Back in the Saddle

Now that we are in the post production phase of Listen To Your Mother Milwaukee, the pace is much slower now.  I am not trying to remember all the last-minute details that go into putting together a production.  As a … Continue reading

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How Not to Endear Yourself to Fellow Yoga Class Attendees

So you have decided to take yoga.  I’ve been practicing on and off for over ten years.  Here is my non-exhaustive list of habits and things not to say.  1.  Do not leave your heart rate monitor on.  I cannot … Continue reading

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Dare: February update

I’m linking up with Just Be Enough for my monthly update on my one word focus for this year. My confidence is soaring. My partner in crime for LTYM gave me a gentle nudge to write a blog post for … Continue reading

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Journey towards strength

I am finally not feeling sore after my first personal training session this past Tuesday.  As I stated in my previous post about my one word for 2013, I was committing to challenge myself this year.  I needed to rebuild my … Continue reading

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The Triumph of the Dirty Girl

Four weeks ago on August 18, I ran my first ever 5K obstacle course in the Wisconsin Dirty Girl Mud Run.  I was fortunate enough to run with my dear cousin.  We traveled down to the race together which helped … Continue reading

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The Morning Routine Revisited

This is an update to my post about how the morning routine was a huge trigger for me.  http://tranquilamama.wordpress.com/2012/05/30/my-undoing-the-morning-routine/  The morning routine still creates anxiety for me, but I am able to better manage my reactions to it. Two of the … Continue reading

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Running and yoga: my new self-care routine

Every Monday and Friday, I grab my gym bag and head out of the office.  I walk across the parking lot to our on site fitness center.  The smell of feet and sweat assaults my nostrils as I enter the … Continue reading

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