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Skeeter’s tough day

Three weeks ago, Skeeter had her annual check up for her bladder reflux at our fantastic Children’s Hospital.  These annual check ups cause much anxiety for both of us.  Her first two visits to Children’s (a middle of the night … Continue reading

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Star of the Week: Munch

Two weeks ago Munch was the star of the week of her kindergarten class. She enjoyed her morning in the spotlight. We prepared for this week a month in advance.  I got to sit back and watch her in her … Continue reading

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Welcome to the frozen tundra: my love letter to wind chills

Baby it’s been cold outside. We spent the day in footy pajamas and lots of layers.  It was so cold that school had been cancelled, yet my husband had to go into work.  He had the ability to work from … Continue reading

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Blessing in Disguise

Two weeks ago I spent the day working from home with my sick Munchkin.  Normally on these sick days, I stress myself out by trying to accomplish all the things on both the home and work front. I realized that I need … Continue reading

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Love of reading

My sweet Munch proclaimed to me last night that “kindergarten rocks!” She has acclimated to her new school, and she wakes up every morning ready to learn.  On the other hand, my husband and I are still adjusting to all … Continue reading

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Autumn Transitions

The autumn months of September and October have been a huge transition for our entire family. Munch began attending all day kindergarten, and she is attending childcare at her school. Skeeter is now the only one at our beloved daycare and … Continue reading

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Coach Jenny

After nearly nine years, I picked up my coach’s whistle again. This time I am not coaching middle school girls in basketball. I am coaching kids’ soccer through our local soccer club. My husband and I are coaching kids ages … Continue reading

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Three is the Magic Number

I took Munch to a performance of Schoolhouse Rock Live at Soulstice.  This theatre company is very special to me.  The artistic director is a dear friend who is one of those soul mentors.  Char helped me believe in myself … Continue reading

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Facing my white privilege

It has been over a week since the verdict of George Zimmerman and a few days since the trial of John Henry Spooner who shot and killed a thirteen-year old boy in my metro community of Milwaukee, Darius Simmons.   I kept thinking … Continue reading

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Daddy’s Princess

It amazes me how much my daughters have my husband wrapped around their little fingers.  He is an amazing dad.  Munch and Skeeter worship the ground that their daddy walks on.  Munch loves to help her dad in the yard.  … Continue reading

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