My name is Jenny. I am the mom to two beautiful girls (referred to as Munch and Skeeter) and wife to a wonderful husband. I took a little detour into the land of postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety after the birth of my youngest daughter (Skeeter) three years ago. I am fighting my way back and rediscovering myself, that part of myself that had been lost to the depression and anxiety.

Tranquilamama is my story through this journey. I have recovered, but I still continue to heal. I wanted to let other mamas know that they are not in this alone. I have been there. I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. There is hope and beauty in life.

Please e-mail me at tranquilamama@gmail.com if you want to chat and not leave a comment.

4 Responses to About

  1. Blogging saved my life.

    It did.

    And it continues to do it.

    Never stop putting your heart and words here: it’s how I make it and pull through my days.

    • Reading other mom’s blogs who were going through PPD and PPA inspired me to start sharing my story. It has been so healing for me. I know that I have a space now of my own.

  2. jblog says:

    You are a strong mama!!! You have a wonderful blog!:)

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